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Photo of Glimmerglass State Park Beach, Cooperstown, N.Y. photo gallery features section

This is the place we talk about upon returning from vacation in a "You had to be there" mode. Verbal descriptions cannot quite cover the feelings experienced in person at Glimmerglass State Park. Many other lakes have all the "parts," but the sum never adds up to a place like Glimmerglass Beach. Those who listen might think "What makes Glimmerglass different from the beach down the street?" will never understand unless they personally discover all the feeling of visiting this unspoiled gem in an untouched area of rural Otsego County. Everything seems to be just right, the prototype of what we expect from a beach -- clean waters, tranquility, a family safe atmosphere, attentive lifeguards, attractive grounds and the desire to stay there, forever. (photo by Eric H.

The Cooperstown photo gallery, a special feature in the site, highlights pictures of the Village of Cooperstown, Otsego Lake and Otsego County, New York.

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