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At first, Cherry Valley might not seem like a place you'd want to spend time. There's no tourist glitz and the tiny downtown is virtually silent at night. Give Cherry Valley a few hours, however, and you won't want to leave. Possessing what many more popular vacation spots had before they got too crowded, expensive and self-conscious, Cherry Valley, on the other hand, delights in just being itself. With proud, old well-maintained homes, residents very friendly and eager to make you feel at home, and the tree-lined neighborhoods we once knew before the house farms took over, Cherry Valley is a place from another era. So quiet at times that you could hear a pin drop, this is the place to slow down, breathe in the fresh Otsego County air and get reacquainted with relaxation. (photo by Eric H)

The Cooperstown photo gallery, a special feature in the site, highlights pictures of the Village of Cooperstown, Otsego Lake and Otsego County, New York.

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