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Photo of The Inn at Cooperstown in the winter, Main Street, Cooperstown, N.Y. photo gallery features section


The Inn at Cooperstown is the perfect lodging destination. The rooms, so classy but informal, make for a great night's sleep. The dining and living room area evoke a more elaborate version of the old-time feeling of your grandparent's house. Everywhere you look there is a nuance that sticks in your mind, long after returning home. The Victorian furnishings, antiques, a fireplace, the comfy couches, and old-fashioned chairs make one want to stay indoors all day long. The long front porch, with its wonderful rocking chairs, gently puts everything in perspective by allowing you to unwind in the grand Cooperstown Village atmosphere. Perspective can be gained here as everyday life -- high-rises, rush hours, cell phones and other aspects of the ironic use of the word, "civilization" --seems secondary to the slower pace and grace of this Chestnut St. location. (photo by Eric H.)

The Cooperstown photo gallery, a special feature in the site, highlights pictures of the Village of Cooperstown, Otsego Lake and Otsego County, New York.

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