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June 2006 flood photo, Lakefront Park, Cooperstown NY photo gallery features section


A vicious storm in late June 2006 brought flooding to Otsego County, affecting peoples' homes and livelihoods. Here, we see water from Otsego Lake going beyond the distant stop sign at Lakefront Park in the Village of Cooperstown. What started as a vacation for us changed into a concern for the people of Otsego County. It ultimately seemed inconsequential that swimming was off-limits, the Fly Creek Cider Mill was closed, games at Doubleday Field were canceled, as well as other annual vacation delights impeded by the storm. We wish the best for the wonderful, hard-working people of Otsego County who are putting their lives back together again after this devastating storm. (photo by Eric H.)

The Cooperstown photo gallery, a special feature in the site, highlights pictures of the Village of Cooperstown, Otsego Lake and Otsego County, New York.

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